What is Mindmarker?

Reinforce the effects of training.
Make a change.

Mindmarker is a platform that makes business training effective and measurable. Our technology engages participants in a series of micro-learning interactions, helping them to implement knowledge and skills after training.

Umów się na
bezpłatne testowanie

How does Mindmarker work?

The training works only when its participants remember the acquired knowledge and apply the learned methods of operation in practice.

Technologia Mindmarker przesyła do uczestników angażujące wiadomości, które przygotowują ich do uczenia się, wzmacniają proces wdrożenia nowych zachowań oraz monitorują zmiany w zachowaniu


Prepare participants for change with pre-training tests that test their knowledge and motivate participants


Align messages with responses from participants to fill in knowledge gaps and encourage taking up new challenges


Engage participants with content, questions and activities that increase the acquisition of knowledge and promote the implementation of change through application in practice


Measure the effectiveness of training with insight into user activity, results and use of acquired knowledge at work

Mindmarker generates 4 times greater efficiency in behavior change following the training.

Mindmarker clients achieved:

Decrease of training time for newly hired employees by


Increase in leadership efficacy by


Sales volume increase by


Increase in customer satisfaction by



Return on investment in development programs

Thanks to the development tips built into the Mindmarker application, you will achieve four times greater effectiveness in changing user behavior.

High user involvement

The short and practical interactions sent by the application, liked by the users, will guarantee you a high level of involvement of the trained group.

Save time

You will save time to prepare a high-quality implementation program. Mindmarker also respects users’ time by taking only a few minutes a day.

Easy access to the application

Users can improve their competences between job duties – they reach for Mindmarker in a convenient way thanks to the fact that the application is accessed from a computer, tablet and smartphone. The application does not take up your valuable disk space because it works in the cloud.

Intuitive admin panel

Monitoring the progress of participants is convenient, fast and transparent, because Mindmarker provides you with an intuitive admin panel where you will find a reporting tool.

Umów się na
bezpłatne testowanie

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