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FOR supports clients in their business development. We carry out training and implementation processes which aim at sustained change of employees’ behavior, which leads to the improvement of business results.

For process design and implementation, we use the world-renowned methodology- The New World Kirkpatrick Model as well as modern digital tools.

Our trainings are effective because we design them based on neuroscience research, we believe in Evidence Based Training.

We are a supplier of a selected choice of one of the best digital solutions in the world. These tools support behavioral change, shape habits and allow you to manage and monitor the development process.

As the only company in Central Europe, we offer the Kirkpatrick Certification Program for professionals wanting to support business development in accordance with this method.


A new approach:
Kirkpatrick’s methodology





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We identified the issue


Did you know that as much as 90% of training budgets are spent on designing and conducting training courses?
And only 5% for implementation activities.


What’s the effect? only 15% of participants implement new skills at work.


Did you know that as many as 70% of training participants try to implement new skills at work, but soon after trainings they return to their old habits?

If this data intrigues you and you want to learn how to successfully lead to and achieve a permanent change in the behavior of up to 85% of employees – our offer is designed just for you!

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Together with FOR, we have implemented the most effective solutions supporting sales results, which can be additionally measured. FOR is the source of information on the latest trends in the area of ​​training and development. We have jointly conducted a project to strengthen the implementation of post-training skills, based on adaptive learning with the use of a modern digital tool. FOR leads companies into the 21st century.

Joanna Czuchnowska

HR Director

The FOR approach guaranteed quick assimilation of knowledge by training participants and practically immediate application of new knowledge and solutions in their daily work. Focusing training programs on the business of a given organization resulted in a quick improvement of business indicators, which depended on the participants of the training.

Marek Bodynek

CEO of Arhelan

What I got from participating in the Kirkpatrick Certification Program was a different approach to working with the client and training design, as well as assessing their effectiveness. Now, when I talk to clients, I focus much more on what business result my actions are about to bring, than on what is going to happen in the training room (…). The most important things happen before and after the training – ultimately the most important thing for the client is result for the business.

Krzysztof Adamski

Sales Brain Polska trainer

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Zyskasz partnera, który rozumie Twój biznes

Z naszą pomocą doprowadzisz do realnego wzrostu skuteczności pracowników

Będziesz miał wgląd w postępy swoich pracowników i zobaczysz wpływ szkoleń na KPI

Korzystając z certyfikacji Kirkpatricka:

Wyróżnisz się na rynku biznesowym podejściem i znajomością światowych trendów

Zyskasz możliwość oferowania swoim klientom realnej zmiany i wpływu na biznes

Odnajdziesz sens pracy mając dowody na skuteczność swoich działań szkoleniowych

Korzystając z narzędzi digitalowych

Zaoszczędzisz czas przeznaczony na projektowanie procesów rozwojowych

Usprawnisz komunikację z uczestnikami

Nawet 4-krotnie zwiększysz efektywność swoich działań