Kirkpatrick® Strategic Evaluation Planning Certification Program

The involvement of business in development processes is the biggest pain we hear about from our clients. This program is the answer to her.

“Designing training using the Kirkpatrick method” is a training during which participants deepen their understanding of the Kirkpatrick methodology towards building a business partnership.

It is a one-day training (divided into two on-line sessions of 3.5 hours) mainly devoted to designing training courses and talking to business.

The nearest date: 18-19.01.2021
Next date: 5-6.04.2021


After this program, you will be able to:

Identify key functional areas with which to build
strategic and functional partnerships

Establish the partnerships required to maximize
program outcomes

Define program expectations and desired
outcomes for mission-critical initiatives

To whom the program is addressed

The training is designed for people responsible for the training strategy in the organization (HR Directors, Training Managers) and those conducting business talks (HR Business Partners, Training Coordinators, Senior Trainers).

Participation in this program makes sense both for participants of the Certification Program devoted to the evaluation of training (Bronze level), and for people who did not participate in it.

The nearest date: 18-19.01.2021
Next date: 5-6.04.2021

Certification process

The certification process consists of 4 stages:


Before participating in the training, the participant receives substantive material to read along with tips on how to prepare for the training to maximize its effectiveness. The participant’s task is to prepare a case study on the reality of the company.


The training is conducted in small groups in an interactive form


The certification task is a group work – a form that contracts a development project with business


The participants of the certification process receive a special newsletter supporting the implementation of the acquired knowledge into practice

Course agenda

Module 1 Introduction to Business Partnership

Kirkpatrick Business Partnership Inventory
The Kirkpatrick Model 

Module 2 Kirkpatrick Foundational Principles

Best practice interview from PWC in Canada

Module 3 The Kirkpatrick Business Partnership Model


Module 4 Case Study Analysis


Module 5 Bringing Business Partnership to Life

Business Initiative Discussion Planning Form

Module 6 Your Formula for Success – how to biult Business Partnership in your company

Tools supplied with the training

questionnaire to study the level of partnership with business

the process of implementing the Kirkpatrick method
in the organization

a form contracting a development project with business
(with ready-made questions)

dashboard for monitoring the effects of the project

Leading trainer

Ewa Żukrowska is the facilitator authorized by Kirkpatrick to run this program.

Ewa Żukrowska

business psychologist with MBA title, consultant at FOR

She combines over twenty years of managerial, consulting and coaching experience, gained both in the corporation and in the training industry. She has a facilitator’s certificate entitling him to conduct training in the application of the Kirkpatrick® Four Levels of Evaluation methodology. Fascinated by the possibilities of using new technologies in the world of training. Her professional path is marked by the motto: “Be the change you want to see in the world”.


The price of the program depends on the date of registration and the number of participants

Price categoryPrice in PLN
Advance sale (payment up to 18 days before the training)1800,00 + VAT
Regular prices (payment up to 5 days before the training):
participation in the program - 1 person2250,00 + VAT
participation in the program (3-8 people from the same company)1690,00 + VAT
participation in the program (for representatives of governmental, military and non-governmental organizations)2025,00 + VAT

For our former participants, we offer a 15% discount (from the pre-sale price) with registration until 30/07/2021.

If you know someone who would make sense to participate in this program, please give them the link to this page. Both you and the person who will apply will receive a 5% discount on participation.

The nearest date: 18-19.01.2021
Next date: 5-6.04.2021

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