Training and implementation projects

Projects implemented by FOR are in line with the Kirkpatrick methodology, which means that we focus on implementing the change and increasing the effectiveness of the participants’ work. We strive for a positive impact on business results.

Projects implemented with full use of the Kirkpatrick methodology result in an increase in efficiency by 70%

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The process of building the business value of training

Our distinguishing feature and pride is the process of building the business value of training. If you are interested in knowing the details, please contact us.

Topics of the conducted training courses

According to the FOR methodology, training topics and programs appear only after the stage of defining the business need, expected results and behaviors to be implemented in practice. We do not offer ready-made training programs, because every situation, every client and training participants are different.
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Leadership and management



Sales and customer service



Personal efficiency

The above topics do not exhaust the issues that we can deal with. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Case study

Client: retail chain, drugstores

Business need

  • Need for a more business approach to store / indicator management and to strengthen the leadership style in people management
  • Organizational change through the implementation of a new Trainer / Expert position in stores

Project scope

  • A series of trainings for Experts, Store Managers and Area Managers
    (250 training days + 2 years of implementation)
  • Management involvment in the implementation process at all levels
  • Study of project effectiveness on four levels of Kirkpatrick

The results

  • Improving sales indicators (turnover, basket, conversion)
  • Reducing turnover in stores
  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Effective implementation of changes in over 70% of stores”

Case study

Client: Production company – one of the leaders in heavy industry

Business need

  • Problems with high employee turnover, low motivation and high sickness absence
  • With the very dynamic development of the company, the challenge was to maintain an appropriate level of quality and production efficiency

Project scope

  • Determining key business indicators and necessary changes in key behaviors at designated positions (production department, logistics and sales department) through observation of work at those designated positions
  • Implementation of a culture of feedback and openness in the company between departments and between the boss and the subordinates
  • Workshops on assertiveness and solving difficult situations for the sales and logistics departments
  • Study of project effectiveness on four levels of Kirkpatrick

The results

  • Total revenue impact, including increased customer margin

  • Optimizing production costs and increasing productivity

  • Maintaining a high level of quality by reducing the number of internal external complaints

  • Staff costs, including reduction of turnover, reduction of sickness absence and increased involvement”

Case study

Client: Insurance company

Business need

  • Experienced managers managing appraisal experts needed to refresh their knowledge and practice the skills of setting goals for their subordinates and enforcing their implementation in the online world. Some of the subordinates did not achieve their goals and that was to change.

Project scope

  • 100% online learning path (Knowly app)
  • Online group sessions
  • Individual online managerial simulations resulting in strategic plans, the implementation of which was supported by a virtual coach Freddie

The results

  • Improving the results of employees not meeting their goals 

  • Increased motivation to achieve goals in “laggards”

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