Freddie – Virtual Coach

Freddie Virtual Coach is an easy-to-use application that helps participants implement an action plan created at the end of a training course in just a few minutes. Within 3-6 weeks after the training, the application sends coaching questions to the participant as well as tips to the supporters of his choice. The aim is to encourage friendly motivation to put new knowledge into practice.

How does it work?

Trainer preparation before the training

Thanks to Knowly, training or coaching participants receive personalized messages from the virtual
Freddie and valuable support from selected people. And it doesn’t take too long.
Let’s take a look under the hood to see,
how it all works.

Knowly at the end of the training

When the training time is over, it’s time to introduce Freddie – the virtual coach, and to prepare an action plan.

You present the concept

Tell me why further action is needed and how Knowly works

Participants write down action plans

Then the participants
go to, enter
6-digit code and create an action plan

And ... they choose their supporters

In the last step, the participants choose supporters who will accompany them

If a participant does not wish to receive any further messages from Freddie, they can easily unsubscribe.

Sample question from an action plan

This is how the participants choose their supporters

Supporters receive invitations

Two days after the training, Freddie contacts those who have been selected as supporters.

The two-day waiting period for acceptance allows participants to contact people who have chosen as their support

Regular invitation to reflection

At a time individually chosen by each participant, Freddie sends out a set of coaching questions coaching questions to reflect upon.

Zaproszenie od Freddiego wysłane w SMSie/w mailu

The trainer gets reports on the participants’ progress

All progress recorded by participants is included in a report that is sent to you when you are a Trainer.


Behavior change & new habits

Thanks to the use of Knowly, you will increase the chance of changing the behavior of training participants and them developing new habits

Knowly as an impulse

By using the virtual coach Freddie, you will stimulate the training participants to reflect and act, which will translate into change for the entire organization

Commitment as the basis of success

With the help of Freddie, you will involve your colleagues and managers in the implementation process, thus achieving desired results.

The decision is on the part of the participant

Thanks to individual adjustment of the dates of admitting of training materials, the participant of your training program will perform the tasks at the most suitbale time.

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