Knowly learning journey

Aplikacja do projektowania procesów szkoleniowych

The leading platform that allows you to easily design training processes and transfer knowledge into practice. The learning journey is an alternative to the traditional approach to training as a one-off event. Our solution allows you to design the process and monitor the behavioral change of the training participant.

Creating projects

Create an optimal training path

for participants
using a friendly ‘drag and drop’ editor

Add images, videos, slides, polls and
files for your training paths

Copy and adjust content as needed

Plan the transfer of knowledge and information
at any time you chosen bt you,
and the platform will do it for you

Build training paths for training
in the classroom, virtual traing and e-learning

Przykładowa ścieżka

Wsparcie uczenia

Provide knowledge
in small doses in the form of

microlearning and at intervals so that participants learn and remember as much as possible

Plan to review your most important content to make it memorable

Check your progress
and adjust the next activities

Engage participants through open-ended questions, self-reflection and assignments

Use a virtual coach to reinforce the implementation process after training


Monitor the progress and involvement of participants using 
the analytical panel

Generate and share data and reports for further analysis

Measure the level of knowledge and the impact of training on the participant behavior

Collect data to improve further training

Analytical panel


Intelligent wizard

You will satisfy the training needs of your participants with the easy-to-use educational path creator

Easy-to-use editor

You will save time placing content using an intuitive editor with drag-and-drop functionality

Resource optimization

You will save the budget and time of users while ensuring a high percentage of people actively implementing the training

Monitoring the progress of the participants

You will have control over the progress of participants thanks to the analytical panel with the option to generate reports

Automatic message sending

You will not miss deadlines for submitting assigned tasks to or content to be learned thanks to the time schedule using automatic message sending.

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