Assessment of the effectiveness of training projects

FOR is the exclusive representative of Kirkpatrick Partners in Poland – the creators of the most famous methodology of training effectiveness assessment in the world.

We test effectiveness at each of Kirkpatrick’s four levels – both in our own training projects and those carried out by other training companies or within the organization.


We evaluate development projects in accordance with the foundations of the New Kirkpatrick Model – The New World Kirkpatrick Model®.

The new Kirkpatrick Model assesses the effectiveness of the training project at four levels that relate to the following areas:

Level IV:
The results

To what extent were the assumed results achieved as a result of the training / project and implementation activities used?

Level III:

To what extent do the participants apply what they learned in training after returning to work?

Level II:

To what extent did the participants acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes thanks to participation in the training?

Level I:

To what extent did the participants respond positively to the training?

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Jim Kirkpatrick’s opinion on one of our consultants:

James D. (Jim) Kirkpatrick

Senior Consultant at Kirkpatrick Partners, LLC

April 3, 2020 – Katarzyna Gorhover worked with James D. (Jim) Kirkpatrick on the same team

I have known and worked with Kasia for several years as partners with the New World Kirkpatrick Model. She is very knowledgeable in the world of training and evaluation. Beyond that, she is excellent at connecting with people from all levels, and inspires people to actually get things done! Jim K


Kirkpatrick Affiliate

Certifying institution of Kirkpatrick Partners, LLC

Issued Feb 2015 Does not expire

Credential ID CREDLY-12358093

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Kirkpatrick Certified Facilitator

Certifying institution of Kirkpatrick Partners, LLC

Issued Jan 2015 Does not expire

Credential ID 27387175

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Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification - Bronze Level Certified Professional

Certifying institution of Kirkpatrick Partners, LLC

Issued Aug 2014 Not expiring

Credential ID CREDLY-12176771

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Case study

Client: Supreme Medical Chamber
Project: Evaluation of the effectiveness of the training project “”Healthy administration as the basis for the effectiveness of medical entities””.

Business need

  • The training project implemented from EU funds included five training modules for over 1000 people
  • The formal requirement was to conduct a thorough assessment of the effectiveness of the project by an independent entity that did not participate in the training of medical staff.

Project scope

  • Efficiency study on four levels of Kirkpatrick over 12 months of the project duration
  • The methods and tools used in the project are: post-training survey, training observation, training report, knowledge tests before and after the training, focus groups (FGI), online survey at least 4 and 8 weeks after the end of the training, telephone interviews

The results

  • The effectiveness study report was accepted without reservations

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