What is Axonify?

A solution designed for organizations where front-line employees play an important role in creating the company’s assets.

With Axonify, you will provide your employees with what they need to operate safely, effectively, work smart and deliver exceptionally good solutions, all on one platform.

How does Axonify work?

Training anywhere, anytime.
Communication directly to line employees.
The frontline performance your competitors crave

Learning with Axonify is addictive

Thanks to the built-in gamification function – systems of points, prizes and tables with top results, Participants are happy to return to the next batch of material.

Adapted, personalized content

By constantly measuring what each participant knows and does not know, and by measuring the degree of confidence with which he answers particular questions, further learning is tailored to individual needs.

Designed based on the results of scientific research

By reinforcing in the appropriate form, frequency and scope, employees remember important content.

Axonify is a solution appreciated by customers:

There are as many users who log in to Axonify 2-3 times a week:


Users who say
that Axonify helps them do their job better are:


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Characteristics of the solution

Constant access to news

As a result, employees have quick access to current information and are ready for everyday challenges.

Fun, fast, personalized training

With which employees learn what they should know at the moment in order to operate efficiently and confidently.

Access to upcoming training

Prepares employees for what is about to happen.

Easy Search

It allows you to efficiently reach the necessary sources in just a few seconds

One app with everything

It allows you to reach resources from your mobile, desktop or laptop

What tasks?

Productivity at work


Measuring the results

Development process

Implementation of new hires


Compliance with the rules

Mobile learning

Benefits of using Axonify

Forthe employee

For the organization

For the Training and Development department

In which industries Axonify will work?

Grocery stores

Improve employee productivity with a few minutes with Axonify a day. Trainings are fun, fast and personalized. You don’t have to search, it’s simple – just log in to Axonify and you know exactly what to do. The training is individually tailored to the needs of each employee – it responds to his lack of knowledge or low self-confidence in a given area.

Retail sales

Provide consistent service across the entire network of stores with constant access to current information and the training you need, and you’ll see the difference in conversions, cart size, and in-store sales.

Frontline employees

Thanks to Axonify, your employees have access to training that strengthens them, live messages and the necessary knowledge, which increases their self-confidence, efficiency and safety during operation. Use real-time communication, measure the impact of training programs on the results of the organization.

Quick implementation of new employees

Improving performance

Direct communication with the front line

Improve in-store sales in minutes a day

Measure the impact of training programs

Providing knowledge

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For employees

Learning and fun combined
With the option of simple and relaxing games combined with the transfer of important content and the reward system, learning is pure fun

Quick access to important content
Within seconds, you will have all the information you need to do your job efficiently and safely.

For the organization

Short activities with care for business
Properly designed, short (just a few minutes a day), repetitive activities keep employees productive and task-focused while building good habits.

Monitoring the impact on KPIs
Thanks to numerous reports, you will examine how the training affects the KPIs of your organization.

For the Training and Development department

High involvement of participants
You achieve the desired results thanks to the great commitment of employees who are eager to return to the intuitive tool.

High involvement of participants
You achieve the desired results thanks to the great commitment of employees who are eager to return to the intuitive tool.